Science and Innovation for Better Life and Better Health

Research and Development

What are we doing? Improving the quality of life through innovation!

Science and Innovation for Better Life and Better Health

Innovation is a key growth factor, which is why we pay great attention to research activities. IRIDIUM LABORATORIES carry out comprehensive scientific research in laboratories equipped with the latest technology, located in Moscow and Singapore.

To ensure the long-term growth of the company, we both study molecules in the early stages and are engaged in the further development of products already on the market in order to optimize their use and / or expand the range of therapeutic indications.

We also work with other organizations around the world to develop new products. The company, together with partner organizations, carries out a full range of works on the study of medicines and biological and food additives, such as pharmaceutical development, the study of analysis methods and technological processes, and preclinical studies. All ongoing research is carried out in accordance with current Russian and international quality standards - GхP, GOST, etc. We strive to establish high standards of quality and safety of ongoing research, development and production.

In the future, the company IRIDIUM LABORATORIES plans to expand its portfolio of innovative developments through the acquisition of potential molecules, compositions and products that contribute to maintaining health through the conclusion of licensing agreements.

Our Products in Development

Pipeline Snapshot as for September 01, 2022

Total Projects: 8

Total Projects: 8

Discovery Projects: 4

  • Urology
  • Enteral Food / Gastroenterology
  • Skin Care
  • Resistant diet fibers

Product Enhancement Projects: 2

  • Probiotics Stability in Tablet Form
  • Modified/Delayed Release

2 Products

  • Woman's Health
  • Hair Product Enhancer